Almond Joy Martini

Also known as a Almond Joy Cocktail, while not technically a martini, is delicious dessert style cocktail. To make an Almond Joy Martini follow these simple instructions.

Chocolate Cake shooter

To make a Chocolate Cake shot:

Red Russian

To make a Red Russian cocktail:

Nutty Belgian

To make a Nutty Belgian cocktail:

Polar Bear

To make a Polar Bear shooter:

Angel's Kiss

To make an Angel's Kiss:

Brandy Alexander

To make a Brandy Alexander cocktail follow these simple recipe instructions:

Golden Cadillac

To make a Golden Cadillac cocktail use the following recipe instructions:

Chocolate Covered Cherry

To make a Chocolate Covered Cherry shooter:

German Chocolate Cake shooter

To make a German Chocolate Cake shooter:

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