Screaming Orgasm

To make a Screaming Orgasm cocktail, use the following recipe instructions. You're checking out this cocktail because you love vodka and Kahlua, and not because of the name, right?

Black Russian

To mix a Black Russian cocktail use the following recipe instructions:

White Russian

One of our favorite, classic cocktails, and the Dude's, The White Russian. To mix a White Russian use the following recipe instructions:

Irish Coffee

To make a Irish Coffee, pour hot coffee into an Irish Coffee glass, then Irish whiskey, and add a teaspoon of sugar. (optional) Warm the mixture over a burner, but *do not* boil the mixture. Finally, float cream on top. Suggested to use a coffee spoon, place near the surface of glass and pour the cream gently over to enable it to float. Enjoy your Irish Coffee!

Hot Marie

To make a Hot Marie cocktail:

B-52 shot

To make this classic B-52 shooter (or B52), use the following recipe instructions by carefully layering each of the ingredients in order.

Baby Guinness shot

Get in the Irish spirit with this Baby Guinness shooter! To make a Baby Guinness, follow this simple shot recipe.

Black Magic

To make a Black Magic cocktail:

F-16 shooter

To make a F-16 (or F16) shooter:

Brain Eraser

To make a Brain Eraser cocktail:

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