There are several ways to make a Cosmopolitan, also known as a Cosmo, here is one of our favorite recipes. You will want to have your ingredients, accessories and garnishes ready.


To make a Cosmoquila cocktail:

Sex On The Beach

The Sex On The Beach cocktail, a vacation and on the beach favorite, is probably ordered more for the name than the ingredients. Here's one of our favorite variations of this classic recipe.

Cranberry Cooler

To make a Cranberry Cooler, a nonalcoholic drink:

Sea Breeze

The Sea Breeze cocktail is great, refreshing summertime drink. To make a Sea Breeze cocktail follow these easy instructions.

Safer Sex on the Beach

Safer Sex on the Beach is the alcohol-free variation of the Sex on the Beach cocktail. To mix a Safer Sex on the Beach cocktail:

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