The Mojito is one of our favorite refreshing summertime drinks. Like many other cocktails the quality of ingredients you use can make a huge difference in taste. Try experimenting with different rums and sugars to find the mix that fits your taste the best. A couple rums you might want to try out: Havana Club Anejo Blanco, Ron Matusalem Platino, and Bacardi Superior or Silver To mix a Mojito cocktail

Pisco Punch

To make a Pisco Punch:

Gin Rickey

To make a Gin Rickey:

Blue Margarita

To make a Blue Margarita:


To make a Caipirinha use the following recipe instructions: A variant of the Caipirinha is the Caipiroska, use Vodka instead of Cacha├ža.

Vodka Gimlet

To make a Vodka Gimlet:

Electric Margarita

To make a Electric Margarita:

Banana Daiquiri

To make a Banana Daiquiri use the following recipe instructions:

Frozen Daiquiri

To make a Frozen Daiquiri use the following recipe instructions:

Pisco Sour

To mix a Pisco Sour cocktail:

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