Blue Lady

Here's our favorite version of a Blue Lady cocktail. You will want to have your ingredients and accessories ready.

Buck's Fizz

To mix a Buck's Fizz use the following recipe instructions.

Harvey Wallbanger

To make a Harvey Wallbanger cocktail use the following recipe instructions:


To make the classic Screwdriver cocktail follow these simple recipe instructions:

Tequila Sunrise

To make a Tequila Sunrise cocktail follow these simple recipe instructions: Adding a splash of Grenadine syrup will give the look of a sunrise, do not stir. Garnish with orange slice and cherry. Enjoy your Tequila Sunrise!

Mai Tai

To make a Mai Tai cocktail:

Atomic Cat

To make an Atomic Cat (non-alcoholic):

Starburst shooter

To make a Starburst shooter:


To make a Sidecar:

Cactus Banger

To make a Cactus Banger cocktail:

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